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Biological Effects of Testosterone Hormone in Our Body

Testosterone is a vital male sex hormone that is responsible for developing male attributes. Females also have testosterone hormone but in a very small amount as compared to males. The body starts producing testosterone about seven weeks after conception. The level of testosterone hormone increases during puberty and at the peak level around late teens.… Read More »

Common Causes Behind Fibromyalgia and Its Treatment Options

Fibromyalgia is long-term and one of the most common conditions that affect the bones and muscles. It is a type of chronic condition that causes musculoskeletal pain. This condition is difficult to diagnose even for the healthcare professional. Many of its symptoms are way similar to other conditions. There are no particular or special tests… Read More »

What Causes Hyperpigmentation and How to Treat It Naturally?

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that makes the skin dark. This skin condition can appear in small patches, or large areas or may affect the entire body. Hyperpigmentation is not a harmful condition. But sometimes hyperpigmentation can also occur due to another medical condition. Usually, hyperpigmentation doesn’t have any kind of harm to the body’s… Read More »

What are The Top Natural Ways to Manage Diabetes?

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a type of metabolic disease. The illness occurs due to high blood sugar levels. Insulin hormone moves the blood sugar to the cells for energy. When a person has diabetes, the body can’t make adequate amounts of insulin or can’t use the insulin effectively. Due to this, untreated blood sugar… Read More »

What Causes Acne Scars and How to Treat Them Naturally?

Acne is a very common skin issue. Most people between the age of 13 to 30 face acne issues at some point in time. Acne mainly appears due to hormonal changes and allergies to certain skin products or food. But several other factors can also cause acne problems. Most of the time, acne disappears after… Read More »

Best Natural Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress and anxiety become very common today. When the workload increases, stress is normal. Lots of people are dealing with stress today. People get stressed due to work, family, relationships, health concerns, financial issues, etc. Other than these things, some other factors can also lead to stress like genetics, personality, environment, social lifestyle, etc. Some… Read More »

Best Natural Ways to Treat Common Flu

Flu is very common during weather changes. It is a type of viral infection that attacks the respiratory system. When a person gets the flu; the nose, throat, and lungs get affected. Different viruses can cause flu. The flu can cause a mild or severe illness. Most of the symptoms of flu are similar to… Read More »

Common Natural Ways to Prevent Headaches

Work seems more difficult if you are having a headache. Headaches are very common and you can get a headache due to multiple reasons. Loud noise, strong smell, stress, or any abnormal factor can lead to headaches. Getting a headache once in a while is normal. But if you are facing headache issues quite often… Read More »

What are The Top Natural Ways to Improve Digestion?

Today indigestion has become a very common problem. Getting indigestion occasionally is not a problem as it can occur due to certain food or some other problems. But if a person is getting indigestion issues often, he needs some help. Indigestion is not a severe problem but it can cause discomfort. Sometimes indigestion can also… Read More »