10 most Common Myths about Homeopathic Treatment

By | January 25, 2019

Homeopathy is the second largest system practiced in the world, but many people have some sort of myths about homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatment is a type of naturopathy which is gentle, safe. The medicines are prescribed to the patient according to his or her set of symptoms. In this type of treatment, the ailments are treated with minute doses of remedies which are acquired by natural substances. This type of medication is practiced all over the world for about more than 200 years. But still, people have certain types of myths about these homeopathic remedies.

Here are the most common myths about the homeopathic treatment:

  1. Myth: Homeopathic medication takes a long time to relieve the pain or diseases.
  • Fact: The length of the time for homeopathic treatment depends on the condition of the patient. If a person has any kind of acute illness then the time period is small. But if a patient is suffering from any chronic disease then it will take a course of the time period for treatment.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic remedies are only good for treating chronic diseases but not so much effective for acute diseases.
  • Fact: Homeopathic remedies are good for almost all kinds of diseases except few medical emergencies. Some medical conditions need immediate hospitalization and special care, at that time moving to the hospital is the best possible way for you. But other acute diseases like cold, fever, diarrhea etc can easily be treated with homeopathic medicines.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic remedies contain heavy metals and steroids.
  • Fact: Homeopathy is a type of naturopathy which means all the remedies are made by natural substances. You will never get a single trace of steroids in homeopathic remedies. All the materials undergo with trituration and potentisation which means you can’t get a single type of metal element in these medications. The Homeopathic pharmacies have strict quality control rules for manufacturing these remedies.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic remedies can’t be taken with other types of medications.
  • Fact: More than half of the people who are taking homeopathic medications are also taking another sort of medications like diabetes, hypertension etc. You can easily take homeopathic treatment with other conventional medication but you ask your homeopath before use.
  1. Myth: Self-medication with homeopathic remedies is clearly harmless.
  • Fact: Not only homeopathic but all types of self-medication practice can be harmful. Every type of homeopathic drug has its own action. These remedies are not life taking but it may cause some sort of side effects if taken for a long time.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic treatment can be an alternative to surgical conditions.
  • Fact: For some range and early stage of diseases, homeopathic remedies can be an alternative but not always. Homeopathy has its own scope and limitations. Major surgical conditions can’t be treated by homeopathy.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic medications always worsen the condition in early stages.
  • Fact: The remedies are always selected according to the condition of disease and the patient’s susceptibility. Some people may face this type of aggravation and some not. But this type of aggravation disappears after a certain period of time.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic remedies don’t require any kind of diagnosis.
  • Fact: Homeopathy is a type of treatment which means like other types of treatments homeopathic treatment also needs a proper diagnosis.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic medications are only placebos
  • Fact: Homeopathic remedies are prepared by potentisation. Many times there is the controversy about the ultra-dilutions. But the fact is these dilutions are clinically proven on human beings.
  1. Myth: Homeopathic treatment requires many food restrictions.
  • Fact: There are only common food restrictions in homeopathic medications like avoiding oily and fried food, avoiding sweets for diabetic patients etc. Avoiding smoking, strong coffee etc can help for faster action.If you are looking for a homeopathic doctor in New Jersey then you should surely visit us at Dynamic Homeopathy .