11 Parenting Tips for Coping with a Hyperactive Child

By | January 7, 2019

We all know that parenting is not an easy task especially when a kid is hyperactive. The hyperactivity of a child can create great challenges for the parents. Kids with hyperactive ADHD usually have difficulty sitting quietly at home, their homework always seems scattered and many other activities which can create a headache for the parents. So for coping with a hyperactive child, firstly you have to observe the symptoms. Take some attention and check if your kid is just little naughty or having hyperactive ADHD.


Common symptoms of hyperactive ADHD:

  • Fails in giving close attention
  • Make careless mistakes
  • Forget the minor details
  • Unable to focus on lectures
  • The absence of mind while speaking to someone
  • Usually unable to meet the deadline of any task
  • Difficulty in keeping the belongings
  • Often taps hands or feet in the seat
  • Unable to be seated for a long time
  • Often runs or climbs in inappropriate places like walls, tree etc
  • Blurts out the answer before the question has been completed
  • Waiting for a long time period is like an impossible task for them

Most of the time parents think that the child is hyperactive due to watching excessive TV programs or due to poor parenting. Never misunderstood about our parents, ADHD can never cause by bad parenting. But good parenting can help your kid to overcome the hyperactive ADHD symptoms.


Here are some good tips for coping with a hyperactive child:

  1. Teach him good behavior with care: Every parent teaches good behavior to their kids. Teaching good behavior requires patience, energy, affection, love, empathy. Firstly, figure out which behavior is acceptable and which is not and stick with it. Little punishment is necessary if your child is not following the rules but remember punishment can also create a negative impact on the child’s behavior. So always define the rules with some flexibility and lots of love.
  2. Make a daily routine chart: Make a proper routine chart for your kid and ask him to follow the routine on daily basis. There should be a proper schedule for meals, playing, homework, and sleep timing.
  3. Decrease the distraction: Limit the timing of watching TV and playing video games. Instead, ask him to play outdoor games with friends. You can also engage him in other activities like painting, music, dance etc.
  4. Medications: Most of the parents do not want to accept that medication is necessary for overcoming ADHD. Medication will help your child to overcome hyperactive ADHD. But there are different types of medication, consult the doctor before giving any kind of medication to your child. Some common medicines for ADHD are:
  • Methylphenidate
  • Dextro-Methylphenidate
  • Dextro-Amphetamine
  • Modified Amphetamine Mixture
  1. Homeopathic remedies: Homeopathic medication can also be a good alternative for treating hyperactive ADHD of your child. The best thing about homeopathic remedies is that they are absolutely harmless; these remedies have no harmful side effects. Some common homeopathic remedies for your child are:
  • Coffea cruda
  • Hyoscyamus
  • Stramonium
  • Verta alb
  • Synaptol
  1. Don’t underestimate your child: As you know, hearing “your kid never listens to anybody” or “he is not concentrating on studies” makes you sad and angry. But instead of underestimating him, encourage him to do better. Give him your moral support that he is doing well and can do better.
  2. Good sleep: Child with ADHD usually have difficulty in proper sleep. Lack of sleep can increase the inattention and recklessness. Decrease the amount of sugar and caffeine in his diet for providing him good sleep.
  3. Always be calm in front of your kid: Children can be referred to as soft clay, it’s your duty to shape them well. Although children are very innocent, but they are also great mimic artists. They usually copy the behavior they see around them. So stay calm in the panic situation. Even if you are very angry, take a long breathe and try to calm yourself.
  4. Make rules but had some flexibility: Try compromising with your child. If you have assigned him some tasks and is he is unable to complete a few of them then instead of punishing, praise him for completed tasks.
  5. Encourage his hobbies: try to find out your child’s hobbies. If you will engage in his hobbies, it will limit the other distraction.
  6. Consult your physician: Try all working solutions, if you are not sure what to do and what to not then try to ask for help. Ask your physician for proper guidance.


Don’t lead ADHD to win over our child. Talk to your child regularly, show him that you love him and always behind him for help. Just a little gesture of love can help your child to overcome ADHD.