6 Easy & Useful Tips for Staying Fit in Summers

By | August 1, 2017

Summers are here & so are the vacations. It is much awaited time to relax but the scorching heat also brings lots of health problems. So staying fit in summers is as important to enjoy your vacations. Water loss is the most common cause of health problems in summers. It also leads to increased risk of infections as bacteria grow faster in hot weather.

6 Easy & Useful tips for staying fit in SUMMERS


So here are some tips if followed you can enjoy your summers too:-

Dehydration: – With the temperature touching 45+ degrees, excess sweating leads to water and salt loss from body. Dehydration or water loss may also bring fatigue, extreme thirst and decreased urine output. People (Especially Kids & elderly) exposed to direct sunlight have more chances of becoming dehydrated. Mothers must ensure that their kids drink plenty of water and avoid direct sunlight while playing. In case if you feel dehydrated drink plenty of water, ORS (Oral re-hydration Salt), buttermilk and coconut water. Avoid packaged juices and aerated drinks as they tend to add to dehydration.


Heat stroke: Heat stroke is a serious condition which requires hospitalization right away. It may occur to those who stay long under blazing sun and the body temperature shoots beyond 104 degree Celsius. Heat stroke indicates high degree of body temperature, dizziness, altered consciousness, rapid breathing and increased heart rate. If you come across such symptoms around you the person may be given cold sponging immediately and rushed to a doctor or hospital nearby.


Infections: There is increased risk of water and food borne diseases like food poisoning, diarrhea, and typhoid fever in summers as bacteria grows very fast in this weather. So avoid taking stale or unhygienic food and drink only clean water. Diarrhea may not affect severely to adults but can be serious and life threatening in young children.


Fungal infections:   Hot and humid weather along with excess sweating increases chances of fungal infections like ringworm. They occur particularly in areas of creases like underarms, groins and area between the toes. It may be noticed as redness on the skin and continuous itching. Maintain good hygiene, wear dry cotton clothes and frequently change sweat stained clothes to avoid this. Consult a physician or skin specialist for any anti-fungal ointment.


Allergies:  Hot and humid weather also increases the risk of common allergies like rhinitis (running nose), eye irritation, atopic dermatitis (dry itchy eczematous skin) and asthma attacks. During summers pollen concentration increases in the air and affects the vulnerable more than any other weather conditions; so all asthmatics should regularly take inhalers as prescribed and keep anti allergic medicines handy while going out. Take plenty of water to avoid allergies.


Prickly heat: Prickly heat is another common problem in summers. It occurs due to excessive sweating which leads to blocking of the sweat glands. It appears as a tiny raised spots along with redness and itching. Wear soft cotton clothes and frequently change clothes if soaked with sweat. Take bath with lukewarm water and keep the affected area open for some time. Prickly heat powder may provide some relief.


The best and cheapest mantra again – Drink plenty of water

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