What is Anxiety Disorder and How to Treat Anxiety Naturally?

By | September 30, 2022

Anxiety is a normal emotion that appears when the brain reacts to any stress or alarming condition. Anyone can feel anxiety in certain situations. Having anxiety about certain situations like interviews, meeting new people, etc is common. Most people feel anxious when they move to a new place, attend a new school or office, etc. But after a few days or weeks, everything seems normal. Facing anxiety in certain situations is natural and is nothing to worry about. But an anxiety disorder is different. A person with this disorder feels anxious all the time. If the person has an anxiety disorder he always feels nervous to attend school, office, family gatherings, etc. Managing your life with an anxiety disorder is very difficult. 

What is Anxiety Disorder and How to Treat Anxiety Naturally?

Types of Anxiety Disorder

Panic disorder

In panic disorder, the person feels intense fear that can lead to a panic attack. When a person gets a panic attack, he can feel chest pain, palpitations, sweating, etc. Sometimes a person can feel like choking or having a heart attack.

Generalized anxiety disorder

In generalized anxiety disorder, the person feels unrealistic worry or tension. The person is always busy worrying for no reason.  

Social Phobia

Social phobia is an intense fear and self-consciousness of all social situations. The person feels anxious about all types of social gatherings, parties, public places, etc.

Specific Phobias

It is a type of intense fear of certain situations or objects. Many people have phobias of height or water. People also have a phobia of insects like spiders or reptiles.


This is a special type of fear of being in a place that seems difficult to escape. People with this anxiety feel anxious on airplanes, elevators, public transportation, etc.

Separation anxiety

This is a type of common anxiety in kids about being separated from their loved ones. But sometimes this anxiety can also appear in adults. They start worrying when close people leave their sight. 

Medication-induced anxiety disorder

This is a type of disorder for certain medications or illegal drugs. Whenever they don’t have the drugs, they start panicking which leads to anxiety disorder. 

Common symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

The most common symptom of anxiety disorder is excessive worry. When a person has a social disorder, he faces difficulty concentrating, or managing life. Some common symptoms of anxiety disorder are:

  1. Panic and fear
  2. Sleep issues
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Heart palpitations
  5. Unable to stay calm
  6. Cold or sweaty hands
  7. Breathing faster
  8. Dizziness
  9. Overthinking the situation
  10. Try to avoid situations or places

Causes and risk factors of social anxiety

Like other mental conditions, there is no exact cause behind anxiety disorders. But there are a few factors that may lead to anxiety disorder.

Genetics: Anxiety disorder can run in families.

Environmental stress: Any kind of stressful situation can lead to anxiety disorder like the death of a loved one, physical or mental abuse, witnessing violence at home, etc.

Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions like heart disease, lung disease, etc can lead to anxiety. People with chronic conditions can face anxiety disorders.

Risk factors for anxiety disorder

Childhood abuse: Any type of physical, sexual, or mental abuse in childhood abuse can lead to anxiety disorder. Children can also develop anxiety when they witness violence. 

Trauma: Some people get anxiety if they have PTSD. Due to this, they can face panic attacks.

Any mental disorder: Mental conditions like depression can increase the risk of getting a mental disorder.

Top Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety Disorder

Do regular exercises

Daily exercise not only helps to keep you physically healthy but also improves mental health. If you have an anxiety disorder, try to keep your body more active. More physical activities can prevent anxiety symptoms. When the heart rate increases, the brain creates more space for anti-anxiety neurochemicals like GABA, serotonin, endocannabinoids, BDNF, etc. Along with daily exercises, you can try swimming, Yoga, Pilates, cycling, etc.

Limit alcohol and quit smoking

Many people take help from alcohol to reduce anxiety. Alcohol consumption can reduce certain anxiety symptoms. But this is only a temporary solution. Alcohol intake can worsen your anxiety disorder. To maintain your anxiety limit your alcohol consumption. Also, try to quit smoking. People often start smoking due to stress or depression. But smoking increases anxiety symptoms and can also cause other mental conditions.

Try to get good sleep

For any mental condition, sleep is one of the best remedies. Your body and mind need good rest. Today most people get less than 6 hours of sleep. To keep your physical and mental body healthy, you should get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. When you have social anxiety, getting a sound sleep becomes difficult. To get good sleep, avoid sleeping during the daytime. Get a good sleep at night. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol late at night. Avoid watching TV or using your phone in bed. Keep the temperature cool and reduce lightning. You should always sleep at the same time.

Try dynamic medication

You can also try dynamic medication like homeopathy to treat anxiety disorder. These remedies are fully safe and can be used for a long time. You can visit Dr Goswami NJ and get good treatment for anxiety disorder. Homeopathy medications reduce the symptoms and do not have any harmful side effects.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is good for your physical and mental health. It is a technique for wellness and helps to manage your living. Certain yoga poses can help in reducing physical symptoms of anxiety disorder. With meditation, you can improve your mental health. It can help in controlling your thoughts and bring positivity.

Eat a balanced diet

Good food can help in maintaining your anxiety. You should avoid food items that can lead to mood changes such as processed food, artificial coring, preservatives, etc. Some people also have strange eating habits when anxiety triggers. Instead of taking processed food, you should start having a balanced diet. Make a diet rich including complex carbohydrates, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

Try aromatherapy

 Humans have been using aromatherapy for centuries. In this therapy, you can use certain items that can promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy enhances your mind, body, and spirit. It provides good relaxation, improves sleep, and reduces tension and anxiety symptoms.