Suffering from AIDS?? Follow for fitness tips here

By | February 16, 2017

The term AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It includes a spectrum of conditions that occurred due to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In the initial stage of infection, it’s not necessary that a person may notice any symptoms or may go through the suffering of influenza-like illness. This is followed by a long duration of no symptoms. As the time passes the chances of increasing infections keeps on increasing which ultimately interferes more in the immune system, resulting in the higher chance of common infections like tuberculosis, as well as other opportunistic infections, and tumours that rarely occur and affects people who have working immune systems. Such late symptoms of infection are the reason of AIDS. This stage is even linked with weight loss.

Suffering from AIDS - Follow for fitness tips here

In today society AIDS is treated like as if it is a curse and even has had a great impact on the sufferer social life, both as an illness and as a source of discrimination. Even the disease also has large economic impacts. Being educated people are having many misconceptions about AIDS such as the belief that it can be transmitted by casual non-sexual contact. The disease has become the latest subject of many controversies involving religion including the Catholic Church’s decision not to support condom use as prevention. It has attracted international medical and political attention as well as large-scale funding since it was identified in the 1980s.

People living with AIDS need to include healthy habits into their lifestyle. Follow these eight tips for healthy living with AIDS:

  1. Go for safe sex: – This is primary on the list. The virus transmitted to reduce the risk of infecting others. The use of condoms can prevent the spread of AIDS, but also to protect both the partners against other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other types of infections.
  2. Keep tested for other STDs: – If you are suffering from another STD, also commonly known as sexually transmitted infections or STIs, it can even result in more likely to transmit both HIV and your other STD to someone else. The presence of STDs can also lead to worsening HIV and make the disease progress more instantly.
  3. Take proper care of infections and illnesses: – Since HIV third last most stage is AIDS which makes your immune system working less effective. The chances of risk to every virus, bacteria, and germ you’re exposed to. Keep washing your hands frequently after some time, and maintain a distance from sick people to stay as healthy as possible. Also, try to stay up-to-date with all kind of vaccinations to minimize your risk of preventable illnesses.
  4. Keep listening and following doctor’s orders about your prescriptions: –It’s necessary to take AIDS medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you are skipping even one day of medication then it can give the opportunity to the virus to develop a resistant to the drugs, making them ineffective against the virus, says Englund. Always remember to take your prescriptions at the same time every day as prescribed by the doctor, and always go out with your medicines with you so that in case if you are not at home then still there is no chance to miss a dose of yours.
  5. Stop the consumption of drugs or alcohol:-. If you are suffering from AIDS and still Alcohol and drug overuse continues. Then it can result in the feelings of depression. Don’t take illegal drugs and take prescription drugs as directed by your doctor to help protect your immune system.
  6. Avoid smoking: – The cigarettes are the most injurious substance for anyone health. If you are consuming all tobacco products then it will reduce your life and even results in unhealthier life. According to Englund, if you stop smoking then it can prevent a number of health related problems and reduce the risk of serious events like heart attack and stroke.