How to cure a Migraine permanently?

By | December 12, 2018

A migraine is referred to a neurological condition which can have multiple symptoms. It can be described as intense, debilitating headaches. Female are more likely to suffer from a migraine than male. A migraine can also run in heredity.

A person may develop the symptoms of a migraine one or two days before a headache. This period is known as the prodrome stage. A person gets these symptoms during prodrome stage:
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Food craving
• Hyperactivity
• Neck stiffness
• Irritability
• Frequent yawning
• Low energy

After prodrome, there is a short stage known as aura. During this stage, a person may have difficulty with sensation, vision, speech, and movement.

These problems include:
 Judging the correct distance
 Confusing thoughts
 Difficulty in speaking clearly
 Tingling sensation in arms, legs, or face
 Losing the vision temporarily
 Seeing light flashes, shapes, or sometimes bright spots
After aura, a person can get the acute or severe migraine pain. A person can get migraine attack in the aura stage also. The pain of a migraine can last from hours to some days.

Common symptoms of a migraine are:
 Severe pain in either side of the head
 Throbbing pain
 Vomiting
 Increase in the pain during any physical activity
 Increase in pain due to sound or light, can be feel relieved by lying in a dark room quietly

Factors which can trigger a migraine:
 Loud sound
 Excess stress
 Dehydration
 Hormonal change in women like progesterone fluctuation during pregnancy, menstruation, or menopause
 Change in barometric pressure

Natural remedies to prevent Migraine pain:

• Avoid food with can trigger a migraine: Food can also trigger your migraine pain. Many food items are known as migraine triggers like:
 Chocolate
 Red wine
 Items containing nitrates such as deli meat, bacon, hot dogs, sausage
 Ice cream or iced drinks
 Beans
 Pickled food
 Cultured dairy items

• Yoga: A regular yoga can be a good way to cure a migraine. Yoga includes meditation, breathing, and different types of body postures which is good for your health. According to the research, yoga can help to relieve the intensity and duration of a migraine. Yoga can improve anxiety problems and also release tension.

• Add magnesium in your diet: A deficiency of magnesium in your body can trigger a migraine and headaches. Magnesium oxide supplements are recommended to prevent migraines with aura. Food items which contain magnesium are:
 Sesame seeds
 Cashews Peanut butter
 Almonds
 Sunflower seeds

• Caffeine: A cup of coffee may help you to relieve a migraine. Many OTC medicines contain caffeine because caffeine can increase the effect of the medication. But the intake of caffeine should be limited. Too much caffeine can cause more headaches.

• Homeopathic medicines: Homeopathic medication can be a good option for preventing and reducing migraine pain. Consult Migraines treatment Hoboken for the best treatment. Here are some best homeopathic medicines for treating migraine:

 Belladonna
 Spigelia
 Nux Vomica
 Sanguinaria Canadensis
 Glonoinum

• Pain-relieving medications: Pain-relieving medicines can be taken when a person experience symptoms of a migraine attack. Some common pain-relieving medicines are:

 Pain relievers: ibuprofen or aspirin can help to cure mild migraines.
 Triptans: These medicines are mostly recommended for treating migraines. These medicines block pain pathways in the brain. Some common triptans medicines are sumatriptan, almotriptan, frovatriptan, zolmitriptan, and eletriptan.
 Ergots: These medicines are less effective than triptans. Ergots medicines are more effective for those people whose pains last for more than 2 days. These are more effective if taken quickly after migraine symptoms occur.
 Opioid medications: These medicines contain narcotics such as codeine. This is helpful for those people who can’t take triptans or ergots.
 Glucocorticoids: These medicines are usually taken with other medicines to improve the effectiveness of medicines.

A good diet and a healthy routine can be the best way to cure a migraine. Do regular exercises and breathe good air. A good health is a key to a happy life, so enjoy your life and make your day delightful.