Natural Treatment for Social Phobia in New Jersey

It’s normal to feel nervous before meeting new people, going on a blind date or giving a presentation. The butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms and increased heart rate are the result of your body’s natural fight or flight response.

However, if you suffer from social phobia, everyday interactions with other people cause severe anxiety, self-consciousness and fear of embarrassment. The symptoms of this chronic mental health condition may dissipate with proper counseling, lifestyle changes and other natural treatment for social phobia. You may be able to avoid taking conventional drugs completely, which is good news if you want to avoid side effects.

The first natural treatment for social phobia is cognitive behavioral therapy. Meeting with a therapist can help you recognize and change your negative thought patterns, increase your self-confidence, and develop skills to handle social situations with less stress.

Then, using the skills you learn in therapy, practice different social situations with a family member or close friend. In a comfortable setting, practice making eye contact, returning greetings, giving a compliment and showing interest in the other person’s life. Then when a real social situation arises, prepare yourself with relaxation exercises and positive thinking.

You should also adopt healthier lifestyle habits. For example, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and eat a well-balanced diet. With the help of a homeopathic doctor, you can also select the right herbs to supplement your diet. Some of the most recognized herbs to use as a natural treatment for social phobia include valerian, passionflower and theanine. Don’t attempt to supplement your diet without a doctor’s guidance, since certain herbs could negatively interact with any medications you’re taking.

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