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Patient Instructions

For Patient

Office Visit:

For initial consultation, please try to get 10 minutes before your appointment time. Bring all your previous reports. Your homeopathic doctor will give you allotted time for detail history and discussion. If your history is quiet extensive and long and if allotted time is not sufficient then a second appointment may be necessary. In majority of time, usually a detailed history is obtained within allotted time frame. The first consultation is usually about 45-60 minutes.

After initial consultation the physician would conduct a quick few minute follow up usually over phone in 2 weeks (no payment required for this quick follow up) of initial to get the status of your health and make some suggestions if necessary.

A follow up detail consultation in the office will be required in 4-6 weeks after initial consultation. The physician will go over your history in detail and will advise accordingly regarding homeopathic therapy and further consultations. The follow up consult usually takes 15-30 minutes.

The above scenario is usually for chronic illness. In case of acute illness, frequent and earlier appointments may be required.

The charges for initial and follow up consultation are given below.A $ 30/- fee will be charged for a no show patient or/and if appointment is not cancelled 24 hours prior.

Online Consultation:

Online consultation is a global service offered by Dynamic Homeopathy to reach every corner of the world. Consultation can be done 24/7 without any time limitation. A patient can fill out the interactive form at their convenience. A patient can also upload their lab and other reports and pictures and submit along with case.

Once you register as a patient, you will have to fill an acknowledgement and liability wavier form, your demographic information and submit. You can now fill in your health history in detail in health history form. Once you fill the form completely, the physician will review your case and will email you or call you to ask you further question if things need clarification. A video chat over skype, google hangout or Facetime if preferred.

You will be required to pay the charges online and then physician will discuss the homeopathic treatment with you.

A quick follow up over phone or email in 2 weeks of initial treatment (no payment required for this quick follow up), followed by 4-6 weeks detail follow up. A follow up charges needs to be paid thereafter for every follow up consultation. The charges list is given below.

Charges for Consultation:

Initial Consultation in office $ 250/-
Initial Consultation in office for children age 15 and under $ 180/-
Follow up Consultation in office $ 100/-
Follow up Consultation in office for children 15 and under $ 85/-

PLEASE NOTE: Charges are subjected to change without prior notice.
You will be required to pay initial consultation fee if you come after gap of one year.

Refund policy:

An initial and follow up consultation fee are charged for office visit after your history is taken and for online after you fill out the detail questionnaire form. Those charges will not be refunded to you. A cancellation charge of 30 $ will be refunded to you if the appointment was not kept due to unavoidable circumstances.

Delivery method:

The homeopathic treatment and how and where to obtain the homeopathic medicines will be explained over phone or digitally via email.